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What is ipChart?

Screenshots from ipChart

The Working Sheet

Here you can draw and see, what the others are drawing:
ipChart WorkSheet

Drawing text...

drawing text with ipChart

The Connections Control

Here you can establish connections to other participants and close connections:
ipChart Connections dialog

How to connect ipChart instances

At the beginning every member of your team should press the "Listen"-button in the "Connections" dialog in order to be able to receive connections from the others. ipChart reacts with the message ".. is listening on port .." in the first connection bar.

When every participant's ipChart instance is listening, you may type in the IP-Adress (or simply the name) of another team member into the "remote IP adress" field of ipCharts connections dialog and then click the "Connect"-Button.

ipChart is using the name from the windows network identification. You can define this name in systemcontrol:network:identification.

After a short time a small green square in the "Connections"-dialog will display that the connection to your partner is established.

Now you can continue to connect your computer to the next member of your team, until every member is connected exactly over one connection to each other.

Use one of the "close"-buttons to close a specific connection.

Normaly you won't need to change the port-entries. But maybe, when a port on your PC is not enabled or is aready in use, then try to change the port. Your remote port entry must be the same as the local port on which your partner is listening.


Here you can load all necessary files to your PC:

If ipChart won't start on your PC, maybe you need one of the following files: If you would like to take control over ipChart's connections from your own application, then (and only then) you have to read the following document:

Terms of use

ipChart is shareware.

It is free of charge to test, copy and give away ipChart (completely and unchanged), but if you want to use ipChart, please send 5 EUR or 5 $ per installation on a PC to the author, simple in an envelope adressed to:
ipChart is as it is; only for use at one's own risk. No warranty, no liability!

With your download you will accept this terms of use.

I hope you will enjoy ipChart and it will be useful for your work!

Rodenberg, 07.04.2003

Hardo Naumann


This is a private website of You can easily contact me via mail to info@ipchart.de.

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